Note :
Visitors using various rides and facilities at Silverstorm Water Theme Park should note the warnings displayed at the appropriate places and use the facilities and rides at their own risk. No refunds will be made on tickets purchased
Striking Cars
Experience the real fun in driveling these cars which bank and dodge each other will  give an amazing experience
 Sky Jet
One can enjoy the arial  view of the park at an height of 28 ft. by cycling round the park which is mind blasting and equally thrilling.
 Turbo Twister
Twirl around and jump  into the inviting pool
 Wave Pool
Can't wait to dash in and make the first wave
Baby Train
For the tiny tots. It is for  the sheer fun of speed and racing
Wild Raft Ride
Whirl around in groups of two.
After a thrilling ride, land straight into the water below.
Super Splash
The smoothest ride ever
 Mama Aqua Dance
Romancing  with water ! Enjoy the cool sprinkles, the  blasting music and the soft lights.
Hara Kiri
Slide and zoom....
all in a trance!  Don't miss this dry ride packed with fun.
Jurassic Splash
Reminiscent of the  Jurassic times, the gigantic Dragon at Silverstorm welcomes one and all- the waves gushing into its mouth.
Master Blaster
Slide down the great  heights of the main tower in to the splatter of the  pool below.
Takes young ones to  the zenith of  joy  and wonder
Flying Dutch Man
Takes  one through an exotic ride through unknown terrains. A group of planes that takes one through an amazing 20 ft. in what may be described as the most rhythmic and memorable ride ever.
  Kids pool
If there were a heaven on earth for the tiny tots, it would be here.
Fun Slide
Kids Turbo Slide
Silver Storm has recently developed Two acres of additional land and intoduce 10 Attractive rides. The Newly developed area which can be named as" Chineese Village ", has the following attractions.