Music Band

Upload your video performance on your Facebook , with the #SILVERSTORMSUMMERRYTHM and tag our Facebook Page between April 11 th to May 15 th .

Your video must not exceed 5mins

Only one submission per band is allowed.

Silver Storm will select 1 Band Team weekly based on the most number of likes.

The selected Bands alone will be allowed to perform the Silver Storm Summer Rhythm Competition.

The selected Bands will have to perform for min. one and half hours. We’ll upload the video of the weekly band performance on the Facebook

page of Silver Storm Water Theme Park and the links will be shared to the participants.

Participants will have to share the video and get max. No.of likes on the shared video. All participants will get a total of 4 days’ time to increase the no. of likes. All the likes received after the 4 th day will not be counted.


The final two band teams will be selected on the basis of the juries and one band team will be selected according to the max. no. of likes on the shared post.

The Winners will be announced on 26 th May 2019 on the final Event.

All the Instruments required by the Band must be arranged by the band members only. SILVER STORM has no responsibility for the above mentioned. Sound, Light and Stage will be arranged by the Silver Storm Water Theme Park.

All Taxes will be deducted from the price money according the law.

The date and time will be informed by the organisers 2 days prior to selected band teams weekly performance. No changes will be entitled.

Judges decisions are the final.