India’s NO.1 eco- friendly water theme park situated near to the famous Athirapally waterfalls. With the Athirapally Waterfalls acting as the picture-perfect backdrop, our park proudly stands out as one among the finest of its kind in God’s Own Country.We introduce a plethora of unique rides and attractions to the Southern coast of India. This is an artistically created park and its door was open to the public on 5th August, 2000 .We offer  thrilling and mind boggling rides .In addition to that, the entertainment rides are truly world class and they cater to all age groups.They include Go-Karting through an adventurous track, a 20 ft. extravaganza on the popular Flying Dutchman and Bumping Boats that tend to give one an unimaginable adrenaline rush. Another attractive feature we offer here is Striking Cars. The only one in the State with a scientifically crafted spherical design, it is controlled via joystick controls instead of the steering wheel, which makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Other major draws here include Surf Hill, Kids Super Slide, Kiddies Body, Kiddies Turbo, Kiddies Free Fall, Lazy Mountain River, Kiddies Dry Games, Master Blaster, Hara Kiri, Wild Raft Ride and a majestic Wave Pool. Renowned for their thrill factor, each of these rides will surely ensure that you and your loved ones will have a wonderful day.

A visit here is always a wonderful experience, compounded by the neat and well maintained grounds, efficient service and delicious food options.