Dry Rides
in Silver Storm

An amusement park is much more than playing with water. Here, at Silver Storm, we bring to you an exciting range of interesting dry rides that take you through an adventurous journey as you become children again!

Some of our spectacular dry rides are:


Pirate Ship

Have fun screaming out as you take this fun ride!

Sky Jet

Take this ride through a spree of sights, enjoying every bit of what you see and feel.

Slam Bob

Hold on tight as you take a round of the world around you!

Striking Car

Enjoy driving, this is the only place where getting hit by a car is fun!

Swing Chair

There is no end to the pleasure of swinging. Come, swing along and enjoy the ride!

Swinging Roller Coaster

Get ready for some adrenaline rush as you take this thrilling ride!

Butterfly Garden

Take a walk through the garden of colourful butterflies and flowers as huge as you!

Infinity Room

Let's walk you through the world of infinity and beyond as you take this never-ending ride.

Mirror Maze

Get amazed with the colourful reflections that you see in front of you.