Water Rides
in Silver Storm

Water rides at Silver Storm are for the adventurous and fun-loving person that you are. You're not going to get bored splashing water or getting wet.Here are a few of our rides that are not to be missed among the rest!



Kill yourself with the thrill of hitting the waters as you slide down all the way!

Jurassic Splash

Splash the waters as you make your entry at this fun ride.

Kids Pool

A pool that was built exceptionally for the children who want to forget themselves in the waters!

Lazy Mountain River

Laze around this beautiful river, just like that story you read!

Master Blaster

Make a blast as you hit the water hard!

Super Slide

Not bored of slides? This is for you!

Turbo Twister

Enjoy this fun ride as you turn and twist and finally fall into the water beneath!

Umbrella Shower

Get drenched under this umbrella for a change, you'll love it!

Wave Pool

Now this is where all of you can play with water together.

Wild Raft Ride

Take this wild rafting experience from the heights, to the water!